Stylish Purple Nails 2023: New 25 Outstanding Examples

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Purple is one of the favorite colors of many girls. Purple nails 2023, like other spectacular nail art options, today delight with an abundance of ideas.

Nail artists manage to create all sorts of design examples, both in purple and in many other hues of the palette, which allows every lady to choose something original that will truly correspond to her style.

Today, we propose to create your ideal style with a new nail design in purple tones, which will decorate any of your looks in different styles.

Since purple nail ideas 2023 represent several beautiful shades, you can always opt for purple nails in a rich and vibrant, or a slightly muted and calm design.

We have collected for you a selection of purple nail designs 2023 in various styles and techniques so that it is easy for you to decide on the desired nail design according to your taste.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Delicate shades of purple are especially good in a duet with white, pink, and other light shades. Small accents of decor and your pens will play in fashionable delicate colors.

Purple nails are very harmonious on a short length of the nail plate, but long purple nails in an oval, almond-shaped shape are no less appropriate, especially for evening and cocktail look.

Diverse solutions of form and nail design can be realized for everyday looks, and, no doubt, can be implemented in unique holiday sets.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Novelties in Purple Nail Ideas 2023

Purple nails 2023 display both classic techniques and new interpretations.

Simple monochrome solutions are still in demand among women, however, fashionable purple nails with color transitions from darker to light and vice versa have become a new level.

Also, purple nails are considered no less trendy, where, in addition to the spectacular main color, there are additional accent nails of other harmonizing tones, on which flowers, hearts, strokes, multi-colored motives of spring and summer are gently and flirty.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Color Palette for Purple Nails 2023

This color has an incredible range of shades that are also attractive and effective. Before deciding on a stylish purple nail design, check out the palette options that will be pleasing to the eye, both in the fall-winter season and in the warmer months of the year.

Purple has approximately two hundred tones. Purple and its shades – amethyst, indigo, lavender, or lilac – are intuitively associated with something magical or mysterious.

Among the variety of designs and colors, every fashionista will find a suitable option for herself, because purple tones will decorate nails of any length and shape.

The proposed shades allow you to perform fashionable purple nails in cold and warm tones of the color spectrum, and if you apply current techniques, purple nails will look even more interesting.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Let’s consider the most popular of the shades:


It is a rich berry shade. It looks juicy and restrained. The use of this color is most important in the fall. The plum tone is in perfect harmony with moderate light shades.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples


This option is a deep shade of purple with a black undertone. This color has a subtle sheen that looks attractive in certain lighting conditions.


Amethist is a noble and sweet tone with a pinkish undertone and slightly muted fuchsia pigment.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples


A rich color from a dark palette that has many fans. Such a manicure looks incredibly impressive even when done in one color.

Even this small list of tones is enough to complete an incredibly stylish and interesting manicure design in purple.

Many women of fashion avoid complex and heavy decorations. With regards to the purple shade, in a monochromatic version, it looks incredibly presentable and noble in darker shades.

Dark shades of purple are in demand in the colder months of the year, but this does not mean that you cannot apply them in the summer as well. Deep and dark shades of purple can be diluted with neat patterns of rhinestones or glitter.

Rub-in, elements of broken glass, and small accents of any other decor look beautiful.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Particular attention is paid to the addition of glitter. Nails look incredibly interesting and bright, while the additional decor is not needed.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Short Purple Nails 2023

When it comes to nail length, try to go for a more comfortable option for your daily life.

The most common and comfortable are short nail plates. However, girls with short nails should always choose a shade of varnish for themselves very carefully and cautiously.

With regards to the purple tone, it looks very expressive and extraordinary on short nails.

Apply one of the purple tones that look amazing on short nails. In this case, you can choose absolutely any color. Here you need to build on your mood and imagination.

If desired, you can complement such with rhinestones in the form of a hole. You can also use glitter, foil, or patterns on one or more notes. It is better to exclude lace motifs.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Long Purple Nails 2023

Purple looks luxurious on long nails. It is a delicate and unusually sophisticated shade.

If the nail is long, purple emphasizes the charm, beauty, and nobility of a woman and her hands. In addition, long nails can also be decorated at your own discretion: in the form of patterns, drawings, and other decors.

Various patterns, designs, and decorative elements are perceived very effectively at such a length.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nail Designs 2023: Glitter, Rhinestones, Sparkles

Purple often needs to be supplemented with some decor.

A manicure of this color goes well with rhinestones, glitter, or ordinary sparkles. With regard to their location, it is better to place the sparkles in the form of geometric shapes, a delicate hole, or to create a brilliant French.

Glitter is most often used to alternate between silver and purple in a monochromatic manicure. This nail art is sophisticatedly suitable for everyday use, as it will favorably emphasize the restraint and tenderness of women’s hands.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nails 2023 in French

The French style combines elegance and special charm.

And nail art is no exception. When the classic white French becomes boring, then a gentle and unusual manicure with a purple smile comes to replace.

This implementation contributes to a variety of designs while making the nails tender and well-groomed. French with this shade will be suitable for any season and type of event.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nails Design 2023: Moon Nail Art

The lunar design has become a kind of antipode of French.

It is more practical to wear and will look neat even after a couple of weeks. Especially if the master applied the Negative Space technique for its execution.

In this case, transparent varnish is applied to a part of the plate, and a part is coated with a colored one. From the outside, it seems that the coating is only on a part of the nail.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple & White Combination

The combination of purple and white nails look very feminine and delicate. In this case, it is recommended to use a purple or bluish tone. This combination adds lightness and style to the overall look. With this combination, you can create gorgeous designs, such as:

  • plain manicure with alternating colors;
  • manicure with floral motives;
  • lunar and French manicure;
  • stylish geometry;
  • negative space style design.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nails Design 2023 with Floral Motifs

Floral bouquets always complement the look with femininity and add softness to the image of any fashionista. Single buds, flower arrangements, and stylized ornaments in this theme have become fashionable this season.

Some images truly look like real masterpieces of art, because nothing can be more luxurious than, for example, blooming spring flowers on your nails!

A bouquet of violets will be a wonderful choice for a real lady. It is very important to apply flower patterns using the stamping technique or veil, in which the master draws flowers on a transparent base with purple varnishes.

All flower arrangements are made with similar colors or contrasting shades of varnish, depending on the conceived option.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Matte Purple Nails 2023

To highlight and emphasize the uniqueness of purple nail designs 2023, you just need to replace the shiny glossy finish with a velvet matte surface.

The use of this technique will enhance the effect of purple and make a high-quality accent. A new-fashioned idea of using a matte finish is to make one or more fingers velvety.

If all the nails are painted with such a coating, then nail art should be supplemented with rhinestones, foil, or rubbing. This will make the nails look balanced.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Summer Nails 2023: Ombre

Create a purple ombre with several colors. Ombre can be light, made of pastel or light colors, or more expressive. You can combine purple with pale pink, black, dark red.

Ombre is also a perfect base to pair purple with white.

The color stretch goes from a white base, turning into several tones of light purple, and ends with an intense amethyst tone. You can make such a design using a regular sponge.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Broken Glass Effect Purple Nails 2023

One of the interesting ways to decorate a manicure in purple tones is to add small shards.

To do this, you do not need to break the mirror: instead of glasses, the special holographic foil is applied in the salons.

The main thing is that it matches the color of the base, but is slightly darker or lighter. If this condition is met, then it will be possible to create harmonious nail art.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nail Designs 2023 with Stripes

Manicure with purple varnish can be done in different designs. It is a good idea to apply purple stripes all over the nail plate. They can be paired with pink, light gray, pale green, or orange finishes.

A thin strip of contrasting color, located vertically against a purple background, looks beautiful.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Cat’s Eye Purple Nails Design 2023

For this technique, nail artists use a dark purple base.

After applying to the surface, the varnish hardens and shimmers like a semi-precious stone cat’s eye.

If you look at your nails from different angles, you will notice iridescence and beautiful pearlescent lines. In this case, you can do without jewelry, stickers, or foil.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Stamping on Purple Nails 2023

Stepping has been somewhat forgotten over the past few seasons, but now special plates with patterns are again relevant. There are a lot of variations with stamping.

However, it is a shellac manicure with fantasy motifs in purple tones that deserves special attention. The base is neutral black or deep plum.

Then, patterns of brilliant purple are applied to the surface. These can be bright compositions of the floristic direction, complex geometric designs, abstractions, and other complex ornaments.

A combination of a purple background with pink stamping looks good. You can try a combination of a black background with a beige pattern, and choose a shiny purple rubbing as an accent.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nail Ideas 2023 with Drawings

For nail art with a pattern, you will need more skills. In nail salons, thin brushes and other tools are used for this. It is effective when images are united by one theme. There are such design options:

  • For a bridal look, you can apply white patterns in miniature flowers over a violet-colored finish.
  • The boho style goes well with geometric lines and ethnic motives.
  • For creative people, design in the form of paintings, paint strokes, or abstract drawings is suitable.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nail Designs 2023: Metallized Coatings and Total Rubbing

If previously rubbing was used only to create accents on 1-2 nails, now all plates are decorated with shiny pigments. It is noteworthy that the rather restrained pastel colors were replaced by really rich and catchy shades. Metallic surfaces with a purple sheen are an absolute trend in 2023.

Metallized Coatings and Total Rubbing

Kami Fubuki Purple Nails 2023

Kami Fubuki is small shiny mugs of different colors. They are somewhat reminiscent of confetti. They are often used to decorate nail plates. First, the master applies the base and lays out the kami Fubuki at their discretion.

As a result, the whole composition is fixed with a top coating. For the base, light shades of a purple palette are often used, and the confetti itself is selected in rich tones.

The negative space design looks good. On an absolutely colorless base, Kami Fubuki of delicate lavender and lilac tones are applied and fixed with a top.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

Purple Nails 2023: Safari and Animalistic Style

This season, animalistic style in all possible forms flashes more and more on the catwalk. Animal prints and various safari stylizations are very relevant.

They are so in demand that they even affected modern nail art. However, the classic leopard or zebra print on the nails will look boring, and sometimes even vulgar.

Stylish Purple Nails 2023: 25 Outstanding Examples

That is why many modern women of fashion choose beautiful purple, complemented by a delicate animalistic style.

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